The Arab “Knowledge 4 All” Portal


The Arab “Knowledge 4 All” Portal

December 16, 2015

The Arab Knowledge Portal “Knowledge 4 All” was launched during the Knowledge Summit 2015 that took place on December 07 in Dubai, with the Presence of his Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The portal was developed to establish a reliable digital reference hub for all researchers, professionals, students, stakeholders, and the general public interested in various data and publications on knowledge-related topics.

IDS designed and developed the interface adopting the latest practices in web development and following the latest trends in web design.

“Knowledge 4 All” is built around the “Arab Knowledge Index (AK Index)” which was developed as a specific monitoring and evaluation tool that takes into consideration the Arab region’s contexts, cultures, challenges, and needs. The AK Index focuses on several critical sectors in the Arab region: Education at its Pre-University, University and Vocational and Technical Levels, Research & Development and Innovation and Development, Economy, and ICT. It employs more than 300 variables across these different sectors. The portal offers user-friendly and innovative techniques to view these variables. It provides various data visualization tools including Charts, Reports, Infographics, and Maps.

Online visitors interested in the topic can view data and compare AK Indices for multiple sectors and in different forms for the 22 countries in the Arab region.

The portal provides highly reliable and credible data that came as the result of intensive research and studies.

Visit Knowledge 4 All and learn more about this fascinating initiative that will hopefully feed the decision making process in the areas of knowledge and development, and support the building of knowledge societies for sustainable human development in the Arab region.

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