IDS Website RSS Service News for IDS Website1Al Mowazi Mobile App Goes Live Mobile App Has a New Update<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS is pleased to announce that the new update of the Arsel mobile app is now ready!</p> The new application has different themes where the user can choose between three modes: Day mode, Night mode or Auto (where the modes are changed automatically ...14/02/2017Al Tijari Mobile App Now Include Unlisted Market<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS has worked with Al Tijari to add a new unlisted market to their mobile application (previously developed by IDS).</p> Al Mowazi market is now available in the application.</p> Al Tijari is an application that offers the Customers an electronic ...14/02/2017Boot Camp Marbella: A New Website Built on UMBRACO<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS is thrilled to announce that Boot Camp - Marbella website is now LIVE!</p> Boot Camp Marbella offers fitness holidays in Marbella and provides first-class accommodation and the ultimate in health and fitness training.</p> IDS team built the ...14/02/2017IDS Learn and Lunch Conference 2017<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS Learn and Lunch 2017&nbsp;conference was held on the 11th of February at the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton Le Verdun.</p> The event enabled the teams to understand and appreciate the different achievements and challenges throughout the year 2016 ...14/02/2017Al Mowazi Mobile App Goes Live<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>Al Mouwazi application enables the investors and the shareholders to look for all the unlisted joint stock companies with all the news and the information about them. In addition the application serves as a simple trading platform for the investors ...14/02/2017Ali Majed Wins Runner-up Prize at BDLA16 HealthTech Hackathon Challeng du Liban (BDL) Accelerate 2016 is Lebanon&rsquo;s 3rd annual international conference, and officially the biggest and most influential on the Mediterranean and in MENA. Under the theme of &ldquo;Innovation: Intrapreneurship VS ...23/11/2016IDS Participates in E-government Conference<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>On October 15, under the sponsorship of the Governor of Nabatiyeh, Judge Mahmoud Mawla, the Union of Municipalities of Iklim al-Touffah (UOMIT) (اتحاد بلديات اقليم التفاح) hosted the opening ceremony of the first training center in the Southern ...16/11/2016Ali Majed Wins Runner-up Prize at BDLA16 HealthTech Hackathon Challenge<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>Banque du Liban (BDL) Accelerate 2016 is Lebanon&rsquo;s 3rd annual international conference, and officially the biggest and most influential on the Mediterranean and in MENA. Under the theme of &ldquo;Innovation: Intrapreneurship VS ...21/11/2016IDS Launches Portal & Mobile App for UOMIT as First Steps towards E-government<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>In 2015, the Union of Municipalities of Iqleem al-Touffah (UOMIT) (اتحاد بلديات اقليم التفاح) chose IDS to be their ICT consultant and partner for implementing the EU-funded e-government project OPENWIND in Lebanon. The project aims to promote new ...16/11/2016IDS Celebrates 25 Years of Success<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>Beirut, September 30, 2016</p> On September 30, 2016, the IDS community gathered at The Coral Beach Hotel &amp; Resort to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This joyful celebration of leadership and innovation was an occasion to express gratitude and ...06/10/2016IDS Redesigns Live Lebanon's Website<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS is thrilled to announce the launching of Live Lebanon&rsquo;s revamped website.</p> Previously designed and developed by IDS in 2014, the website was given a face-lift in 2016 to stay in-line with Live Lebanon&rsquo;s new identity and ensure it ...27/09/2016The T.One Mobile Application Is Now Live<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS announces that the T.One application is now live. T.One is a unified platform that brings cohesion and delivers exceptional results across NOC, Technical, Billing, Routing, Account Management and Top Management Teams allowing them to focus on ...22/09/2016The LCD Website Goes Live<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>The learning center for the deaf (LCD) is an association for individuals with hearing disabilities. IDS developed the website for the LCD to highlight on the programs and services that they offer in terms of early detection and intervention, in ...23/08/2016IDS Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management System<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>Once again, IDS proves to be a leader in its domain by being one of the first companies in the region to be certified for <strong>ISO 9001:2015</strong> Quality Management System.</p> Being certified for<strong> </strong>ISO 9001 since 2004, ...23/08/2016IDS and Beirut Arab University Kickoff their Advanced Software Development Training Program<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>Mr. Sami Slim, Executive Partner and Technical Director at IDS, active member of the advisory board of the Computer Science department at BAU since 2012, and member of the advisory board for the Faculty of Sciences since 2016, signed with BAU on ...06/06/2016IDS Hosts a Conference on LIBRA Financial Reports Module for SH1 Companies<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS hosted a conference in Monroe Hotel in Beirut on May 26, gathering the members of the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants (LACPA) and the Accounting Experts to demonstrate its LIBRA Financial Reports module for SH1 ...01/06/2016IDS launches a Central Online Database for the Lebanese Legislations and Verdicts<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>IDS developed a legal online database portal that aims to digitize the laws of the official Lebanese gazette since 1915.</p> The portal acts as a central database for the legislations and verdicts in Lebanon. It includes a backoffice with a workflow ...30/05/2016IDS Co-Plans the Future of Electronic Trading in Iraq<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>In celebration of the seventh anniversary for the Electronic Trading in Iraq, the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) invited IDS to attend a workshop on April 23, concerning the latest trends and technologies for online trading, stock exchange systems, ...30/05/2016Payroll Junior Released: Standard Payroll with Official Reports<div style='float:left;'><img src="" /></div><div>We are thrilled to announce the release of a new edition of our Payroll Solution: The Payroll Junior.</p> Payroll Junior edition provides companies with a miniature version of the Payroll module from our LIBRA Financials Suite; giving them an easier ...12/05/2016