Goal of Position: 

  • Maximize client satisfaction by fulfilling their requests, solving their problems efficiently and supporting them through effective guidance / trainings
  • Ensure project delivery and successful implementations in a timely manner


  • 1600-1900 USD of which 50% is paid in fresh US Dollars and 50% in Lebanese pounds (1,500 L.L. rate); depending on the years of experience and expertise. Required years of experience is 4 to 6 years.


  • Qualifications:
    • BS in Computer Science, MIS, CCE or related fields
  • Experience: 
    • 4 years of experience in implementing solutions in ERP and/or financial sector
    • Skills: Experience in Web server, Web App, Windows App, Testing App, SQL Language, Crystal Report, VBA / VBS (small skirpts) 

Tasks and Duties:

  • Handle direct contact with clients after sale
  • Create a project plan for each client, detailing the tasks that need to be completed for the timely installation of customized software systems
  • Perform implementation, setup and configuration tasks of VESTIO applications suite
  • Perform data migration
  • Perform data validation & reconciliation of migrated data with legacy systems
  • Create documentation for products and procedures  
  • Communicate with clients throughout the software customization process to obtain feedback and approval
  • Create a specialized document for each client, detailing all customizations made
  • Provide customer training in Arabic and English and prepare training material
  • Follow up with clients after training to ensure optimal training results
  • Customize applications’ reports upon request
  • Respond to customer tickets and elaborate response (using screenshots and diagrams and scenarios)
  • Receive customer complaints calls and check if they can be resolved via phone
  • Visit clients to solve problems and complaints if the problem couldn’t be resolved online
  • Escalate problems to the development team in case of reported bugs
  • Support the QA department to create test scenarios when technical skills are needed
  • Help in products documentation
  • Solve problems and find workaround solutions promptly, respecting SLA terms 


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