Early in 2021, IDS was the successful bidder with FAO for the design, development, and implementation of a Farmers Registry System for MOA.  The project promotes sustainable agricultural development. It does this by supporting the agricultural sector through improving productivity, and farmers’ income in addition to creating job opportunities. 

IDS is designing and developing a web application and a mobile application. Work includes:

   - Gathering requirements

   - Designing the system 

   - Developing the system and the databases:

  • Dashboard module
  • Farmer Preregistration mobile application module
  • Farmer registration module
  • Farm data registration module
  • Land, parcel, and location identification module
  • Livelihood conditions registration module
  • Farmers targeting and sub-registry creation module
  • Certificate generation module
  • Magnetic card / identification card printing
  • Voucher scheme management module that includes several sub-modules.
  • Reporting tool
  • Export and import mechanisms
  • Log management / audit trail
  • Possible integration with other MoA systems
  • Security
  • Administration module
  • Central and remote access

   - Training MOA staff

   - Maintenance and handover

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