IDS developed, for the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), a new system called “Lebanese Pesticide Management System” (LPMS) for automating and centralizing all data management related to the registration, import, export, distribution and use of Agriculture pesticides in Lebanon, and for monitoring the pesticides inventories, aiming to help reduce the generation and usage of obsolete pesticides.


As part of this project, IDS developed two mobile applications:


1- LebPhyto Application

LebPhyto Application is developed on iPhone, iPad and Android to report queries related to registered pesticides, with the ability or the option to search by crop, pest, active ingredient, lesions, country of origin, supplier, formulation and other attributes…

The application works offline with data synchronized dynamically upon internet availability or manual update.


2- Inspector Application

The Inspector Application is developed on Android Tablet and is intended to be used by the inspectors at the MOA with the main purpose to enter (on site and offline) the inspection results. Below are the main application details:

  • The inspection questionnaires are questions that are prepared and entered through the BackOffice (BO). They are a list of conditions to be checked during inspection. The inspector enters whether the conditions are fulfilled or not with the ability to comment near each condition.
  • The inspection results are integrated within the BO application and are associated with the concerned warehouse.
  • Results of the tablet questionnaires are loaded into the database through a BO interface.

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