In the aim of “Improving Access to Employment and Social Protection for Palestinian Refugees Living in Lebanon”, IDS developed for ILO a reliable and objective information base on Palestinian employment and social protection in Lebanon on all its aspects.

  • The information base describes the situation of Palestinian labor market and their employment and employability.
  • The information base helps in measuring the concepts related to: Employment, Underemployment, Informal Economy, Vulnerable Employment, Employment Sectors, Discouraged workers and other issues.
  • The information base triggers legislative and policy changes to remove obstacles for Palestinian employability and promoting decent work.
  • The information base provides on-going and updated information for evidence-based recommendations for reforms. It is structured on a database filled by authorized users through web forms which are designed based on the requirements collected from the stakeholders.
  • The web form allows the entry of relevant labour information coming from surveys. The forms include fields such as:
    • Work sector
    • Job title
    • Employment type
    • Salary
    • Social benefits
    • Start date of work
    • Work environment
    • Family status / dependents
    • Location (to generate reports based on maps)
    • Education - training - degrees
  • The portal provides the data entry forms and provides the needed reports for results extraction. The reports include functionalities such as drill-down, charts/graphics and maps.

The website was built using PHP 5.4 

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