IDS recently developed a website and mobile app for the Cooperative Fund of Makhateer. The applications provide a central resource to all information, requests, news, decisions related to the fund.


  • The website and Mobile App serve both the citizens and Makhateer:


- For the citizens, it provides an informational platform through which they are able to check the funds’ latest news, achievements, and reforms. They are also able to search for lists of Makhateer and view their contact details as well as other information available on the website and application.


- For the Makhateer, they can enjoy additional perks of being able to view the status of their submitted services and follow up with the funds on their internal requests. This can be achieved by logging in the respective portal with a dedicated username and password only available for them.


  • The applications are available in both Arabic and English.


  • Mobile App Development:

- IDS has also developed a mobile app for Makhateer platform for iOS and Android users


  • Technologies used:

- The website was built on WordPress using a template.

- The mobile app was developed based on Swift and Kotlin and Firebase.

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