Al Mouwazi application enables the investors and the shareholders to look for all the unlisted joint stock companies with all the news and the information about them. In addition, the application serves as a simple trading platform for the investors to buy/sell orders on the unlisted joint stocks and execute trades through official and legal channels.


IDS team has developed the application using the latest technologies, giving it a very appealing look and making it a user-friendly platform. The homepage is divided into sections where the user will be directly able to find the service needed, whether looking for companies' info, general assembly, market orders, delisting, news, Al Mowazi orders, delisting decisions, latest deals, reports, Al Mowazi deals, listings or to place an order.


The Application has tabs on the left also divided into sections: Market, General Assembly, Reports, News, Inserts/Withdrawals/recommendations, Market Tops, and Managed Content. In order for the investors to have full access on the application services, one should create an account on the app.


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