Supplier: OMSAR – UNDP

IDS developed and implemented a workflow Process Management System and Backlog Scanning for the Directorate General (DG) at the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon (MOET).

The system was built to support the DG in its daily work to better manage the work, and  enhance  the  efficiency,  performance  and  transparency  of  communication, daily operations and decision making. It also reduces paper storage cost, and eliminates paper documents’ loss.

The system included:

  • System Development including the modules: Transactions Builder, Workflows Builder, Document Management System, Transaction Execution based on Workflow Steps, Billing Module, Integration with Existing systems, and Notifications Modules.
  • Unit and Integration Testing
  • Users Training

The system was later named FORMFLOW. For more details, you may visit this link: Integrated Digital Systems - IDS | Automate your Business Processes with FormFlow

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