The project consists of a web application that is the gateway for the targeted users to register, take courses, do exams, and earn certifications. The platform content is controlled exclusively by the administrators.

The target users of the platform are of two categories:

  1. The Iraq police officers who will be taking the courses and doing the exams.
  2. The instructors and administrators who will manage the courses and control the platform content.


How it works:

Instructors can:

  • Login to the admin pages where they can add and edit courses and manage the lessons, courses, and media files
  • Create questions and answers and add them to the questions bank to be used later. Then they create the exams.

Police officers can:

  • Register in the platform and update their personal information
  • Navigate the available courses and request for registration in the courses they are interested in
  • After getting the approval, they can take the courses, do the exams, and finally receive a certification.


Technologies used: ASP.Net Core, JavaScript, SQL, AWS(Server Implementation), DevExpress, Vue, and Signal R

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