UNICEF wanted to understand the impact that the youth activities has on individuals. Therefore, they wanted to build a platform that collects beneficiary data and feeds it into a single dashboard representing all UNICEF Youth Activities.

IDS developed the Youth Section M&E Online Platform, an online individual-level monitoring system, which can be easily used by NGO partners. IDS made sure to develop a platform that serves in data collection, analysis and reporting.

The M&E online platform aims to assist UNICEF in:

  • Tracking of beneficiaries
  • Understanding the Impact of UNICEF Youth activities
  •  Analysis and visualization of beneficiaries’ profiles
  • Assessing the progress of partners
  • Populate donor reporting


The application was built using:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • C#
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax
  • HTML, CSS3
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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