The IDS Annual Gathering 2024

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05 Jan 2024

The IDS annual gathering ceremony for 2024 unfolded at the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut, with the intention to provide a platform for honoring and recognizing the outstanding contributions of our dedicated team. Our goal was to create an atmosphere that celebrates achievements, fosters camaraderie, and sets the stage for an inspired and collaborative year ahead.

The evening began with a warm welcome from our Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mrs. Rana Barakeh expressing gratitude for the extraordinary efforts showcased by IDS's dedicated team throughout the past year also took the opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks for their consistent delivery of high standards, contributing to the success of IDS.

Heads of departments took the stage, sharing the milestones reached and discussing strategic plans for a successful 2024. It was a moment to acknowledge the collective efforts that have propelled IDS to new heights.

The annual gathering went beyond a formal affair; it turned into a special memory for all of us at IDS. The shared moments of gratitude, reflections on accomplishments, and future plans have laid the foundation for another remarkable year. Here's to the continued success and unity that define the IDS family.