IDS and Effektor Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Effektor to Lebanon

12 May 2016

It is with great pleasure that we announce our new partnership with Effektor, the creators of Data Warehousing and BI platform Effektor in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With the rising need for Business Intelligence and Data Visualization in all businesses and the rising demand for such functionalities in the solutions that we provide, we were faced with the must to find the best platform to build our BI solutions; and hence we were introduced to Effektor.

Effektor delivers a platform for a full BI solution supporting all relevant needs in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, all the way from importing source system data over Data Warehousing and Master Data Management to reporting both on relational data and OLAP cubes. The platform is built around the concepts of ease of use: “Working with your data warehouse changes to structure and/or data should not require deep technical expertise.”

IDS always works on enhancing the value of its services, which is the main reason that made us choose Effektor as a BI platform and Data Warehousing provider. Using Effektor in our solutions, we ensure that we are offering our customers the best services.

Under the terms of this partnership, we will be a reseller of the Effektor platform in the MENA region; we will also provide training, consulting, implementation, and first line support for Effektor customers in the region. Moreover, we will be committed to working with other professional services firms throughout the region to assist them in creating more value for their clients with Effektor.

“We have reached a point at which organizations acknowledge the fact that data is in fact a business asset – perhaps their greatest asset. On a typical corporate balance sheet, you will find assets like cash, receivables, expenses and inventory. I have yet to see one, however, that lists a data repositories or an information buckets.

IDS has been developing the tools needed to create data warehouses and visualize results, data comparison and key performance indicators. IDS and Effektor partnered to deliver a BI platform that caters for data warehousing and data visualization. IDS aims through Effektor to help organizations optimize their business process and reach their goals through the use of data.”

Said Mr. Ali Hamdar, IDS Executive Manager.

“Effektor is very pleased to have Integrated Digital Systems on board as an Effektor partner. Our other partners can deliver faster and better Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence projects using Effektor for their customers. We are sure that the same pattern applies to Integrated Digital Systems projects with Effektor as the infrastructure. And we are proud that Integrated Digital Systems with their extensive experience in ERP and IM have chosen Effektor as a preferred BI platform.”

             Said Mr. Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan, Effektor CEO.