IDS Co-Plans the Future of Electronic Trading in Iraq

30 May 2016

In celebration of the seventh anniversary for the Electronic Trading in Iraq, the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) invited IDS to attend a workshop on April 23, concerning the latest trends and technologies for online trading, stock exchange systems, brokers’ requirements, and other e-trade practices.

Being an expert in Online Trading matters, Mr. Sami Slim, Executive Partner and Technical Director at IDS, attended the workshop along with Mr. Hani Khalifeh, Head of IDS Online Trading Solution, Vestio Trading Suite (VTS). Given their expertise in e-trade and profound knowledge of stock markets in Kuwait and Qatar, and their deep understanding of online trading needs and latest practices, IDS team were able to pinpoint the market needs in Iraq and propose a series of smart suggestions.

Mr. Slim and Mr. Khalifeh held a presentation the next day, April 24, and proposed a cloud solution for the e-trade platforms in Iraq. The proposed solution addresses the challenges faced; namely the power shortage, the transmissions, the financial situation, the security situation, and the problems in banking systems. The presentation was dedicated to the senior executives at ISX and to the authorized managers and commissioners of the electronic trading in the brokerage firms, and it was well appreciated by the attendees. 

Mr. Thaer Adnan Hachem, President of the Governing Council at the ISX, thanked IDS and Mr. Slim through a letter of appreciation for their successful presentation and initiative, and for their dedication in providing solutions for the development of the electronic trading in Iraq.

Different scenarios are being assessed and evaluated mutually by ISX and IDS for future cooperation.