IDS Launches Portal & Mobile App for UOMIT as First Steps towards E-government

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16 Nov 2016

In 2015, the Union of Municipalities of Iqleem al-Touffah (UOMIT) (اتحاد بلديات اقليم التفاح) chose IDS to be their ICT consultant and partner for implementing the EU-funded e-government project OPENWIND in Lebanon. The project aims to promote new models of governance in the Mediterranean to guarantee a better communication between the citizens and the government through information technology tools.

IDS role in the project was to develop an e-municipality portal for each of the municipalities of UOMIT, and a mobile application for the UOMIT to promote the open government concepts; transparency, participation and open data.

The e-municipality portal is a web portal that allows citizens in Iqleem al-Touffah region to learn more about their municipalities’ councils, decisions, projects, news, announcements, and events. Citizens can create their own accounts on the website and login to the site with their credentials to submit requests and complaints, and propose new project ideas. Municipality members can follow up on citizen transactions and notify citizens online regarding the status of their requests.

The mobile application on the other hand is developed for UOMIT allowing users to view information about the municipalities belonging to the UOMIT.

The application provides users with 4 main functions:

  1. View municipality requests
  2. View municipality news
  3. Submit complaints
  4. Propose a new project idea

The application is available for Android mobile and for iOS on iPhone and iPad.


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