Payroll Junior Released: Standard Payroll with Official Reports

12 May 2016

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new edition of our Payroll Solution: The Payroll Junior.

Payroll Junior edition provides companies with a miniature version of the Payroll module from our Libra Financials Suite; giving them an easier and simplified access to the payroll functions they use the most, and faster ways to generate official reports. The edition is a ready-made solution that makes the work of accountants run smoother than ever. The new packaged version complies with government standards in terms of official reporting and other regulations set by the Lebanese Ministry of Finance and the Lebanese NSSF.

Payroll Junior complies with all the requirements of accounting houses and accountants in general, and can be further customized on demand.

The junior edition is cheaper, faster, and easier to use. It has high security on a company’s database, and can be implemented for holdings and multiple companies easily.