TFLG Launches its New Mobile Application

12 May 2016

IDS developed an android application called “TFLG” that has the purpose of translating the Laws of the Lebanese Official Gazette (قوانين الجريدة الرسمية اللبنانية) from Arabic to another language of the user's choice. Users are also able to request a translation for unavailable laws in the application by going to the “other laws” section. Once the request is done, an email will be sent to TFLG with the law in concern and the language to translate to.

The application consists of:

  • General Info: where all the laws are listed in the official Arabic language and the preferred one.
  • Special Offers: the user chooses a list of editions among listed ones to send by email for translation into a selected language.
  • Other Laws: lists laws, which doesn’t exist among the general laws.
  • Advanced Search: a docked search icon will always appear on the top bar of the laws page inside the app: a pop up view will show and the user can write any required text.

How the application works?

  • Step 1: on application load, the user must provide a user name, password, address, and email info.
  • Step 2: once registered, the user will be redirected to a payment gateway for a one-year subscription.
  • Step 3: once the subscription is successful, the user can start using the application and viewing the laws in the language of their choice.


An IOS Version of the application is being developed, we will be updating you about it as soon as it goes live